About Alexander Moving Company

Our crews specialize in all type of relocation planning. Whether you are moving an office, your home, or even just a few pieces of furniture - Our owners have over 25 years of experience! Alexander Moving knows what it takes to provide a smooth and professional moving experience for our clients. From our Office Staff to our Movers, we offer you every bit of help you may require. Free Consultations - Call our offices to speak to one of our friendly associates. They're sure to answer any questions you have about moving locally or Long Distance. Estimates can be given to you over the phone or in person. Call & Ask!

Packing Services - We love packing! Let us come in and pack your goods the day before your move. Why rush around weeks before your moving day trying to be prepared? It's hard enough finding boxes, let alone finding the time to pack them. Moving is stressful enough as it is. Let our crew come in and get ready to take a load off!

Family Owned and Operated - That's right! We believe in handling your concerns. Our family works both the office and the field, making sure our clients have the best possible moving experience that they could have. That's the way we think it should be.

Anything is Possible - We understand that moving is a huge deal! More than often, we have clients call us with a situation that they believe cannot be accomplished without some serious headaches. The truth is, we attempt to accommodate all of your moving needs without the hassle. That's our job!

That's why we use only experienced crews, and no miscellaneous labor or "pick-up" help. How does that benefit you? Simple: know how to care for your valuable possessions, even your most fragile possessions. Because they are experienced at working TOGETHER, they are better coordinated as a TEAM. (Have you ever seen group of strangers try to navigate tight doorways with delicate furniture? It pays to know each other's work styles.)

A crew that works together as an experienced team works FASTER - and that saves you money!

Alexander Moving Company has figured out how to take advantage of experience. Besides the quality of your crew, there are crucial benefits in choosing Alexander Moving Company

First, we are geared for local jobs (almost regardless of how small or big your move is) to long hauls. We take the same care whether you are going local or long distance with us.

Second, you get better service, because you are an important customer. No "last minute cancellations" here because of a bigger job that took your crew! We'll ALWAYS be there, as promised!


Alexander Moving Company

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